Good morning weekend


Good morning humanity! It’s a ”coffe, breakfast, watching old Friends episodes and laughing my ass of because of Chandler” kind of morning for me. What are you doing? 😉


Sore lips

I’m not the one to wear my heart
on my sleeve but with a few lies you bought me.
With one look you tore down my guards.
I was so helpless and paralyzed every time we touched.

You were like my drug and I sold myself
out to desperation just to have you one more night.
I’ll pretend that you’re genuine and that
your words aren’t here to get my hands around your neck.

I’ll lie and say you’ll be here the next day but
we both now after tonight you’ll go your own way.
My pride and my brain are getting crushed on
this park bench while I pretend this isn’t another
one night stand. I’ll just pretend that every kiss
means something.

Actually it does, it means you’re getting
what you want. You always had your way
with me, always knew how to get me into
your arms. Self control is unknown when you’re around.

I know I’m fighting a losing battle but
don’t stop. Keep me in this ecstasy and
I’ll care about my feelings some other time.
After everything I don’t expect you to stick around.

I’ll feed this crave for you and then I’ll starve
until some other time when you show up.
As always I’ll give us a shot because my stupid
mind thinks you’ll fall in love.

Tell me again how you’ll do everything for
me and then walk away like I’m nothing.
Tell me another sweet lie and leave me with
sore lips, bruised heart and bruised neck before dawn.

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Let me in

Knew what’s it like to be betrayed
but didn’t see what was going on around me.
The roles have changed and now I was
on the other side.

My guilt can’t be described with words.
It’s like a shadow following me around.
I can’t even look you in the eyes because I’m
scared of my reflection in them.

I knew what was I getting myself into,
I knew how much I meant to you.
I knew where the boundary was but didn’t listen
to my conscious when it told me to stop.
I knew you needed me but when I saw you I looked
the other way. I ignored how much you loved me.

I don’t know if it’s better to leave or fix this mistake.
Should I say sorry or just get lost since my presence is
only making you feel worse. If I could I would erase any trail
of his hands on me. I would scrape this skin of if it would mean
you’ll forgive me.

Moment of weakness was all it took for
me to be knocking on your door, begging you
to let me in. Guess I deserve to be left outside alone.
I just want you to know that I regret everything.
Open up, please let me in.

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How do we make ourselves unhappy

I’m already pretty personal with you on my blog because my poems are the most personal part of me so I decided that it wouldn’t be bad to share my thoughts about everyday life and my life lessons with you. So welcome to the first post in The Life Jungle – How do we make ourselves unhappy.


I’m going through a lot lately and I started writing a post about it but I think it will take me a while to write it but in the process I started thinking about the way we make ourselves miserable. It’s hard to admit to ourselves that our actions and thoughts make us unhappy because we always accuse somebody else of being the reason for our misery.

We are so determined to make our lives work out the way we plan that we completely ignore the concept of change being a good thing. We have our eyes set on the prize and we don’t know how to enjoy the competition for it. Let’s imagine life like a car ride. You can stay on the road in your little car always but you will forget what’s it like to use your own legs to take you places. If you don’t venture outside your world you’ll never experience new things or maybe find a new dream for yourself. Let go of the steering wheel and let adventure consume your life.

Most of the negativity in our life comes right out of our mouths. It’s like we try to make ourselves feel bad. I can’t do this, I can’t go there, I’m fat, I’m ugly etc. Stop kicking yourself down. Each and every one of us has a great potential inside and we crush it by holding ourselves back. Stop saying it’s impossible, stop saying you aren’t good enough and STOP GIVING UP ON THINGS YOU HAVEN’T TRIED! Let positivity enter your mind and you’ll see how much happier you’ll be.

Tomorrow. The incredible land where all our dreams, hopes, aspirations and beginnings exist. We’ll do everything tomorrow. That tomorrow should turn into now. You want a good grade? Open that book now. Want to lose weight? Start eating healthier now. You want that promotion? Start fighting for it now. You want to save your relationship? Talk to your partner now. Tomorrow is the future and you control it by your actions that are supposed to happen now!

Technology and development made it possible for us to acquire anything in a matter of seconds and, you maybe don’t believe it, but that speed and availability of everything is making us unhappy. We forgot that things take time. We forgot how to work for something because we expect everything to just be given to us. Get your lazy ass off of that couch and do something that isn’t bitching about not having what you want. If we don’t reach our goals in a matter of days we tend to lost faith and give up. Stop doing that, have patience and remind yourself that the harder you work for it the more it will pay off.

This is something that we all have in common and it’s called comparing. Not only do we make us miserable by doing it but we can also become extremely depressed because of it. As soon as we see somebody having it better that us we start feeling deprived and get depressed. Stop comparing yourself to other because you’re not them. You don’t live their life. You are an individual and you should build your life by becoming better than the person you were yesterday not by becoming better than somebody else. Powerful people know how to appreciate their success and they don’t have the need to compare it to other to get validation that they are better. Remember that!

And lastly we make ourselves unhappy by not appreciating our mistakes the same way we appreciate our success. Mistakes are the only life lessons because no books can teach us what our mistakes can and we remember nothing like the things we did wrong so it is necessary for you to learn how to process it in a healthy way. If you made a mistake it doesn’t mean you have to sit down and cry about it. You should actually try to find a new approach to a problem, get creative and get more determined to make things work just to prove yourself that you can do it. Mistakes are lessons, not failures.

Hope I inspired at least one person to change something to become happier. Remember that you are your biggest project in life and you should never give up on yourself!

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You’ll kill yourself trying to fit in,
working a double shift just to pay rent.
Study on the break, got to get those
good grades it’s not like you can buy knowledge.

You’re going to put in your best, hoping
somebody realizes the talents you have
while others just get what they want without
having to move a single bone. It’s not
like there is any problem money can’t erase.

Some of us were born to work and never stop.
It’s not like we got our lives laid out in front us.
This struggle is our all so embrace it, hold onto it,
it’s not like there’s much choice.

You will fall and you will cry but you
will get back up and you will climb. Life didn’t
give you anything you can’t put up with so be proud
of yourself for making it this far. Here comes another
round – FIGHT!

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