The beach life

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Loneliness quote

She sneaks into my pocket and makes me
carry her around so I can feel here even in a crowd.
My friend loneliness never sleeps.
Her only purpose is to make me sink.

Luna, Loneliness

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Happy New Year

My dearest readers and followers have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all the best in the upcoming year and I hope you had a great last night with your loved ones!

I honestly wish that this year, and every year to come, you achieve your goals and find happiness in life. Don’t forget that resolutions aren’t one day decisions. Don’t strive to change everything in one day and focus on the progress. Make every day a New Year day and make yourself better every day.

Become better and smarter, try new things, help the world in any way you can and don’t forget to smile a lot.

Lots of love, XOXO

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Relationships – we all talk about them. Relationships with our family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, professors, classmates… They are essential for our existence because a human being wasn’t born to live alone.

Since the day we are born we seek human touch, presence and the sense of security that comes with the notion that someone is around but what happens when that just isn’t enough? What happens when relationships become a burden and our mind spirals out of control? How do we form that sense of security that comes with the notion that someone is around if all we want to do is be alone?

Sometimes we get so caught up in all of our relationships that we forget to keep our eyes wide open and remember why we are doing everything we do. Relationships make distractions become our daily routine and then out of the blue our life comes knocking at the door and we’re so scared to open because we become aware of the mistakes we can’t fix.

Right in that moment when we realize nothing is going our way and that we can’t fix it starts the phase of finger-pointing. Everyone is to blame for our failures. We are victims of circumstances. We didn’t bring this on ourselves. It’s their fault, everything is their fault!

We start to blame everyone around us for every bad thing that happens because admitting that we didn’t take control of our life in time is one more burden our backs can’t carry. It’s easier to look at yourself as a little victim than it is to blame yourself for your problems.

In the stage of finger-pointing we normally push people away because we constantly see them as the cause of our misery. Right in that moment our mind is a blur, our eyes don’t see clearly. Right in that moment you need to snap out of it!

Stop blaming everyone and admit it was you. You did this and that. You didn’t take care of yourself. Forgive yourself and give yourself some time to go over everything you did wrong. Don’t push people away, just take time away from them. Take some time to work on your most important relationship and that is the one you have with yourself. You are the alpha and the omega of your life and only you can save yourself.

Work on improving yourself as a person and just take some time to learn how to build that sense of security on your own. Learn how to handle yourself and most importantly learn how to forgive and respect yourself. Make sure you can count on yourself when everything goes down.

Don’t expect you’ll be able to have healthy relationships with other people if you are not one complete person and if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself.

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My Own Medicine

I’ve had these lines running through my head.
Don’t know if they were thoughts or demons
messing with my brain but I knew I had to put them
to rest. I had to put them on a piece of paper.
I’m taking my own medicine.

My hands got weak, my legs weren’t able to hold
me anymore. I got lost because fog fell on the path
I was on but the fog was actually my mind clouding
everything I was supposed to be focused on.

Rule #1 The only thing standing between you
and who you want to be is work so get started.

I thought help could be found in someone else,
in something else but I was just wandering around
this empty place alone. I neglected the fact that I’m
my plan A and B.

Rule #2 Work for yourself, on yourself, by yourself

It seemed like everyone just had it better than me.
I hated life for throwing crumbs of it’s table in front
of my feet. While I was busy hating on the world for
advancing while I was standing I forgot that the crumbs
used to be enough to built something up.

Rule #3 Powerful people know how to appreciate their
success and don’t have the need to compare it to
someone else’s just to get validation that they’re better

Everything was spinning out of control and I became
a damn tornado that destroyed everything I used to have.
I blamed everyone, I blamed everything but I forgot that only
I was the responsible for the mess I called life.

Rule #4 If you feel everything is wrong don’t try to change
everything. Change yourself, change your mind.

Feet move! Hands work! I’ll yell at myself until I find
the strength to pull this through. It’s playing hide and seek
in my mind but I’ll find it, own it and use it to make
myself what I used to be.

Rule #5 Be your own hero.

I’m done with listening, I’m done with insecurity.
if I fall, it’s on me. If I rise, I’ll thank me. Time to do the
impossible and believe that my acts will sum up to
a better thing. I’m just believing what’s within.

Rule #6 Do it for yourself, not for acknowledgment

I’ll take my own advice, I’m taking a taste of
my own medicine. It tastes like regret, it tastes like
pain, it tastes like misery but I’ll put up with it.
I’m being me after a long time of wandering
A new era begins.

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You’re an individual

A lot of things have happened lately in my life. I’ve moved into a new apartment, had a lot of problems and somewhere in the middle of all of that I forgot the things that made me who I am. I forgot my priorities. I just drifted away from everything I’ve been fighting for and now I’m trying to get back on track and in touch with myself. The worse things that are tormenting me right now are doubts and I came to one simple conclusion.

Sometimes solitude is the best thing you can give to yourself. Just some time to remember how it feels like to be alone with your head and your thoughts. The thought of having to spend time with myself and thinking about the things I’ve done and things that have been done to me is terrifying but I just need to step out of my comfort zone and so should you.

If you need some time alone don’t be afraid to shut the door to the whole world. The people who understand you for who you are will give you time to get back on point. The people who understand will still be ringing at that door and if you don’t want some of them around it’s okay not to open to those people. Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you, don’t be afraid to be selfish sometimes.

If someone doesn’t understand your life path and doesn’t push you everyday to be a better person then he’s not your friend. He’s an acquaintance and you shouldn’t waste your time taking care of someone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t make friendship and go into relationships just because you’re afraid to lose someone. You are and individual and you need to learn how to live like one because then, and only then, will you find the people you need and you will be happy. The road to happiness is scary but good things will never be easy so don’t take even the smallest moment of happiness for granted because it might never come back.

If you don’t learn how to be an individual you will constantly fall under the influence of others and you will never be satisfied with yourself. How do you expect to accomplish anything if you nod you head to other people’s opinions and demands without stating your mind just because you are afraid of a confrontation? Set your priorities straight and fight for them.

Make a list of your priorities and hang it somewhere on the wall to remind yourself of who you are, what you need and who you strive to become. For every day that you do something that gets you closer to who you are, put a plus next to your priority. For every day you fall off track also put a plus because you’ve learned something. Don’t be discouraged with your mistakes and please don’t keep on repeating them.

Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let anyone hold you down and now for the big finale: LOVE YOURSELF. If you feel something is wrong don’t just stop and wait, do something to change your state of mind. Value your own life, virtues, flaws, scars and the strength you have to change everything.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t get scared. Learn how to be alone. Build yourself up as an individual so you could be a part of anything without losing who you are. Get your priorities straight. Love who you are and who you want to become. Fight.

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