Wine and Movie Nights

I looooove Friday. Yesterday I went to my only lecture and after that I came to my apartment, took a shower and then I headed back to the city because my friend Andrea is a dancer and she was performing so I went to see her.

international dance day dance dancing zadarUnfortunately my friend Ivana was late and we missed half of her dance but we saw enough to be proud of our girl. After that I went to have a drink with Ivana and then went back to my apartment and saw a movie with my boyfriend. It was a chill day and today I’m having a barbecue with my friends.

pizza  friendsnight outYesterday I went for a semi-casual outfit since it wasn’t some big night out. It was just girls hanging out, having some wine and then eating pizzas like ladies.

outfit ootdWhen I came home I slipped into something a bit comfortable. I just love these sweatpants and yes they are soooo big but so comfortable. I saw Deadpool (no I haven’t seen it until yesterday) and I fell asleep in the middle of the movie.

casualHope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and that you’ll spend it with the people you love. Love you all :*

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