Saturday breakfast

So I’ve been through a lot this week, from my illness to my exam, so I just decided to treat myself this morning with some pancakes.

saturday pancakes

I don’t think I ever talk about this, but I just loooooove food and also I’m big on healthy eating but not in the way that I’m going to judge people for not eating healthy or try to make you convince you should prep your meals in advance etc. I just eat mostly healthy for me and my pancakes are also semi-healthy so I will just put the recipe here if you want to try them.


  • whole wheat flour
  • 2 egg whites, one egg yolk
  • baking powder
  • honey, sugar, stevia or any other sweetener
  • milk (low fat, almond, soy….)

Put the egg whites into a special bowl and mix them until you get an egg whites snow. In another bowl mix your egg yolk with some milk and add flour, baking powder and something to sweeten it up if you want to. Put the egg whites into the mixture with a wooden spoon. It’s important to do it like that so it keeps it’s texture.

Get some oil (I used coconut oil) into the pan and make little pancakes. If you didn’t add any sweetener into the mixture you can eat them with some honey, maple sirup or, like I did, with some jam. I buy this jam for years because it has a higher percentage of fruit and has some chunks of fruit in it and it’s sooooo delicious. Hope you like my recipe and that you’ll try it!

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