Get up, eat, work, study, come home, eat, shower and sleep.
It’s killing you every day. The routine is getting the best of
you and all you can think about is running away.

Change is all you’ve been craving since the day you were
born because you always felt you weren’t here to be
like the rest – working to pay bills and rent.

You strive towards something but the world is pushing
you down. They even make you doubt your path, they
are trying to make you bow down to their illusion of a happy life.

Even when that voice in your head becomes louder than ever
run to the nearest exit and stand on the fresh air until
you remember why you came here and what you want to be.

Remember everything you’ve been through to move
this inch closer to you goal and don’t let it be for nothing.
Don’t let those scars tell a story of you giving up.

Don’t think you’re not good enough because you can’t
measure up to what they have. Next to you, they’re the
poor ones because they don’t have the drive that you have.

They don’t know what’s it like to have nothing but you
do. A fall will never hurt you because you’ve been to the
bottom before and you’ve got the skills to pull yourself up on your own.

If they had any brain they wouldn’t laugh at your face.
They would be scared because a player that has nothing to lose
but has his mind set on the prize is a dangerous one.

Live, work, love, smile, yell, cry, dance, fall, get up – don’t just exist.

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