Sore lips

I’m not the one to wear my heart
on my sleeve but with a few lies you bought me.
With one look you tore down my guards.
I was so helpless and paralyzed every time we touched.

You were like my drug and I sold myself
out to desperation just to have you one more night.
I’ll pretend that you’re genuine and that
your words aren’t here to get my hands around your neck.

I’ll lie and say you’ll be here the next day but
we both now after tonight you’ll go your own way.
My pride and my brain are getting crushed on
this park bench while I pretend this isn’t another
one night stand. I’ll just pretend that every kiss
means something.

Actually it does, it means you’re getting
what you want. You always had your way
with me, always knew how to get me into
your arms. Self control is unknown when you’re around.

I know I’m fighting a losing battle but
don’t stop. Keep me in this ecstasy and
I’ll care about my feelings some other time.
After everything I don’t expect you to stick around.

I’ll feed this crave for you and then I’ll starve
until some other time when you show up.
As always I’ll give us a shot because my stupid
mind thinks you’ll fall in love.

Tell me again how you’ll do everything for
me and then walk away like I’m nothing.
Tell me another sweet lie and leave me with
sore lips, bruised heart and bruised neck before dawn.

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