Let me in

Knew what’s it like to be betrayed
but didn’t see what was going on around me.
The roles have changed and now I was
on the other side.

My guilt can’t be described with words.
It’s like a shadow following me around.
I can’t even look you in the eyes because I’m
scared of my reflection in them.

I knew what was I getting myself into,
I knew how much I meant to you.
I knew where the boundary was but didn’t listen
to my conscious when it told me to stop.
I knew you needed me but when I saw you I looked
the other way. I ignored how much you loved me.

I don’t know if it’s better to leave or fix this mistake.
Should I say sorry or just get lost since my presence is
only making you feel worse. If I could I would erase any trail
of his hands on me. I would scrape this skin of if it would mean
you’ll forgive me.

Moment of weakness was all it took for
me to be knocking on your door, begging you
to let me in. Guess I deserve to be left outside alone.
I just want you to know that I regret everything.
Open up, please let me in.

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