You hide a tear with a smile.
Everything around you turned grey.
Everywhere you look, you see clones.
Slaves of imposed perfection.

Nobody wants to be who they are but
you should demand to be loved for you and
don’t settle for anything less. Your looks don’t
make you pretty, the important is within.

Victory and defeat, happiness and sadness
They are a part of life and don’t dodge them,
rather make the best of everything. Don’t look
away, don’t hide yourself, you’re here for a reason.

Whatever they say, you ignore.
Head up, smile and go on.
Life is a ride that you will miss if you keep
standing scared on the sidewalk.

Hey guys thanks for reading! I’m new to all of this and it would be great if you’d support me on my fb page Luna and follow me on instagram Luna.theblog


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